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General Instructions

To create a new book, author, or publisher page

  1. To create a Book Page, just click on Create a New Page over there on the left, then follow the instructions you'll see there.
  2. For any other kind of page, click on Page Forms (to the left), then click on the form you want
  3. Click the Edit tab at the top of the Form page
  4. Copy everything below the directions
  5. Click Cancel down below
  6. Click on "Create New Page" in the Navigation Bar on the left and follow the instructions there.
  7. Click the Edit tab
  8. Paste in the format you copied
  9. Replace the ALLCAPS items (except TOC) with your text. Don't forget to put the ISBN into the Kepler's and Amazon links in place of "ISBN" -- it's how we support this site.
  10. Please do NOT, under any circumstances, change or move the Form page itself!
  11. Feel free to delete any parts that are not relevant (such as Illustrator for a book that is unillustrated), but don't delete parts that someone else could fill in later.
  12. Please do NOT, under any circumstances, delete brackets (unless you are deleting what they surround) or equal signs -- they are there for a reason!
  13. Add the cover picture

Section Instructions


Best for ages

Library of Congress Descriptor


Best of Year Lists

Review Citations


Type of Book


Topics and Themes




Publisher Info and Jacket Copy



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