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Well, the Main Page really tells you all about the wiki, so I'll just tell you about me, the creator and webmaster of this site, instead.

My name is Matt, I can't put any more personal info here for obvious reasons.

I have written four books on Children's Literature, mostly out of print now. You can find info about them at my old site, [here], but I haven't updated it in awhile, so it probablly isn't accurate anymore.

I used to be a Children's Book columnist for the New Orleans Times-Picayune, until Katrina blew that away. I reviewed for Kirkus for many years, and have writtten assorted articles for other journals. I taught Children's Literature at Tulane and the University of New Orleans, was the Book Review Editor for Family Wonder, and am currently the Book Review Editor for Common Sense Media. And I teach fourth grade at a school for gifted and talented -- sorry if that bugs you, but there it is.


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